I want to thank all of the Tennessee Titans and Chicago Bears tailgating fans that parked at Main Event Parking on Sunday.  The weather was great and the Chicago Bears fans and Titans fans pumped up the football atmosphere at Main Event Parking.   It was a packed house with RV’s, Tour buses and any kind of good tailgating food you could imagine.  I ate food that I had never heard of and was treated like a king from everyone.  As a Titans fan, obviously I want the Titans to prevail in LP Field, but I do appreciate the hospitality and good sportsmanship that all of the Chicago Bears tailgaters showed me and my staff at Main Event Parking.  The game results didn’t favor on the side of the Titans, but our Titans tailgaters still showed up in gross and had a great time.  At Main Event Parking, I want our facility to be a open invitation to all teams football fans.  It is a fun and safe place to come and enjoy food and drink,  socialize with your buddies and enjoy the great game of football.  Thanks again Chicago Fans, come back to Main Event Parking any time you want too, I just hope the Titans show up for that game.  (just kidding you guys were great).    Please check out this link to some of the tailgating photos on Sunday.

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