CMA Fest 2013 Parking Available at LP Field June 6 – June 9, 2013

CMA Fest 2013 at LP Field, Nashville Tennessee is a few months away.  Day parking and overnite parking is available at Main Event Parking Lot at LP Field.  Main Event Parking has 4 day parking passes or 1 day parking passes available.  Main Event Parking is a paved, secure parking facility just an 8 minute walk from LP Field.  Main Event Parking has restrooms, trash cans, and a full staff to accomodate you during your stay.  Main Event Parking never closes.  We will not run you off, in fact we want you to come and stay with us the entire 4 days.  We invite RV’s, motorhomes, buses or just passenger vehicles.  Please contact us for complete details about parking for this years CMA Fest 2013 at LP Field. We look forward to hearing from you.

Randy Bailey, Main Event Parking Lot, (615)202-8485

Secure Parking Lot with Park like setting

Plenty of Space to Park and Drive

Parking Lot Security during all Events

Over 950 Secured Parking Places

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