CMA Music Fest 2014 at LP Field Parking

CMA Music Fest 2014 parking is available at Main Event Parking.  RV overnight Parking is available as well.  Main Event Parking is a 8 acre paved, fenced parking area just a short 8 minute walk to LP Field.   Fully staffed during the entire event and police officer security insures you that your vehicle and its belongings are safe during your visit to LP Field.   Event day passes or 4 day passes are available.  Call (615)636-1412 for more information or visit our website WWW.MAINEVENTPARKING.COMCMA Fest Fans

2 thoughts on “CMA Music Fest 2014 at LP Field Parking

  1. Wayne

    I have several questions for you. I am coming down for CMA Fest in June.

    1. Do you have reserved sposts or is it first come first serve. If so how do I reserve a space.

    2. If I get a four day pass can I come and go as I please during the 4 days or do I Have to keep my car there the whole time.

    Thank You


    1. Randy Post author

      Hello Wayne;
      Thank you for contacting us. We do have reserved spaces if you want to reserve in advance. There will be open spaces for first come first serve as well on Event Day. I do suggest you reserved one though because I have a local company that has reserved 500 spaces for employees therefore we are shorter on space availability than normal. I usually don’t run out of space but this 500 reservation will contribute. As far as coming and going YES you may leave and return with your pass. You will have a pass for your dash that will allow you to do so. I apologize for delay in responding but I was unavailable the last 5 days with a funeral. If you need any further information please contact me. Thanks Randy Bailey (615)636-1412 or (615)202-8485


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